The Exorcism Lyrics


album: Track 9 in album Torment in Fire
release date: 1985-9-27
popularity : 4 users have visited this page.
genres: Rock
styles: Thrash/Speed Metal
length: 2:54
composer: Rob Urbinati

Cover Art

Sacrifice Torment in Fire cover art
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I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night,
Ever since it woke me and choked me,
Pushed me around and held me down,
Frightening the living hell out of me.

It possesses the very inside of me.
Its face appears almost everywhere I look.
It turns faces into ghostly figures
It was my complete freedom that ‘the thing’ took.

The doctor gave me pills for epilepsy,
But it’s not epilepsy that is haunting me.
It’s the dark force that awakens at 3am.
It’s Lucifer himself, the one you cannot see.

But why did it choose me Lord?
I would never ever sin.
Its name is not unidentifiable,
It’s the one that dwells within.

Give me the exorcism priest,
Cast away this horrible beast.
It’s forcing me, it’s hurting me,
It’s rotting away my teeth.

I need your holy prayer and blessing.
The thing never lets me sleep.
It forces deadly actions upon me,
It tells me not to eat.

Priest, you tell me not to do what it says,
You tell me to ignore it.
But when I do, it gets angry at me
And sends me into a painful fit.

They say it’s a medical condition,
They say that I’m unwell.
But what the priest and I both know is,
It’s he, the evil one. Can you not tell?

All this screaming and anger,
It’s killing me underneath my skin.
Sprinkle holy water on me.
We will not let it win.

Its power keeps my mouth dry
It’s turning me into a freak.
It takes over my body and chains me down
As soon as I try to speak.

I can never remember the moment it takes over me,
Why am I still trying not to cry?
Why won’t these demons leave my body?
Why is God letting me die?

Give me a crucifix to wrap around my neck.
Hold it close and firmly to my heart.
I don’t want to have to make a choice here.
Please don’t let these demons tear me apart.

Mary, mother of God, I beg for your help.
I don’t want to have to choose between heaven and hell.
But for the world to hear my true, and touching story,
Would release me from this ghastly shell.

So take my body. Oh devil,
Please do your worst.
But I will warn the world about your repulsive trick.
I will warn them this is only your first.

Track Listing

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 The Awakening
  • 2 Sacrifice
  • 3 Turn in Your Grave
  • 4 Homicidal Breath
  • 5 Warrior of Death
  • 6 Infernal Visions
  • 7 Burned at the Stake
  • 8 Necronomicon
  • 9 The Exorcism
  • 10 Possession
  • 11 Decapitation
  • 12 Beyond Death