Sadat X Petty People Lyrics

Artist: Sadat X
Publishers: ©EMI Music Publishing
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Length: 4:26

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Yeah yeah yeah this is for my people in the BX
Where they still call me DX
And this is for my people in the Rou
Where I grew like a screw, like this

Petty people and petty individuals
And petty situations that my crew goes through
Petty people and petty individuals
And petty situations that my crew goes through

[Shawn Black]
Ya see, jealousy fraudulent, cats ****ed up
Longevity, so I stay down lower
Till I blow up, still destroy
All these Shawn Black decoys
Plans done changed due to conflict
Cowboys, we bomb ****
And I put that on my kills
Let my rap skills feel
It's the Shawn B. black is in the second letter
I stay wetter for that green and white cheddar
And all my *****s locked diggy hold ya head up
The rap game, will never ever warden me
'Cause I'm a rip from 96 to eternity
Stay focused, right days, nights paid
With X assistance, now we're whippin'
850's with the Mo Mo's dipped in


[Sadat X]
I've seen lip-syncing that's done ****ed that up
They live show looks better on the video
But they can start with the hip-hop mess of MC's
Holdin' back wages from a ***** like me
Just burned, black burn cause he want a turn
I told ya it would happen to this comin' attraction
Let the billboards with plastic, all I have is this Massenburg
And they can't talk no more, I'm gon' keep on livin'
Fueled by the microphone and *** cash driven
Need to blow **** up so I can rest myself
In the best of health and have sex with my lady
Hey you don't get no *** cause you always lookin' shady
Sick ***** like you talkin' about bonin' Jan Brady
Lady stand by your man
Even if he beats you with the back of his hand
Ah, Sadat X is like the size of Texas
And more, cowboy quick to the draw


[Shawn Black]
You can talk to me, I walk with a ten
I love shorties, plus red heads, Dominicans
Cool Chuck and X brought me through
We good people
Separate all the evil
I say things that make ya bounce like springs
Bust my caps let them thug cats sling

[Sadat X]
You would have tears in ya eyes
Cause you thought you would rise
But ya side reads small again
Actin' like a hooligan
want to act a fool again and front the party goers
Hey a lot of *****s know us but that don't make us soft, I snatch
I don't rely on this rap **** I always keep a stash

[Shawn Black]
After a rough game, I see them willy *****s flossin'
Next time I see em' they be layin' in a coffin
It's all off top, you know my rhymes guns and clips
Read my spandex, I'm all about chips
Evaluate, Harlem blocks hot steppin'
I crack a weapon before the nickel plated check in

[Sadat X]
Harlem the game is something I'll never leave,
Crack stamp on the head be, vacation switch to plan be
If ya live in a glass house, don't throw stones
Hey I'm a made man done earned my bones
Been on the wax with the sick vocal tones
Fled Deleware got jammed in school zones
Ran into a tree at the university
Got into a gun fight at the skate p
Brave say division with my man 8-V
Smoke a dust plug is you crazy


[Sadat X and Shawn Black ad-libs]
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