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Album: Track 9 on Behaviour
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She never makes commitments
She's never short of alibis
When I ask the same old questions
She always tells me lies

There's something missing in her life
But what it is she won't say
And when I try to. . .
Try to reach her
She simply pulls away

Listening to her promises
Believing all her lies
Listen to those empty promises
One more time

She never thinks about the future
She lives from day to day
Sometimes I have to wonder
What kind of game she plays

So much emotion in her eyes
But so much emptiness inside
I know she wants to give you everything
I know I'm wasting my time

Listening to her promises
Believing all her lies
But when I hear those empty promises
I see through her disguise

Why do I listen to her empty promises
Believing in all her lies
Why will I listen to those empty promises
One more time

She promised the world to me tonight
She promised to stay with me all night
Tonight, listen to those empty promises

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