Saint Etienne - Stop and Think It Over Lyrics

Artist: Saint Etienne Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Finisterre
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Had to take a train
And get out of the rain
Time to stop, think it over
Another cup a coffee
But I'm feeling the same
Gotta stop, think it over

Could he be a lover
I don't know what to say
Could he be a friend
I'm so unsure
Could you find another
Could it be a solution
Come and go, maybe tomorrow

Draw the curtains tight
It doesn't feed in the cold
Time to stop, think it over
My perfect city, see it turning to gold
Had to stop, think it over

Could he be a lover
I need a little more time
Could he be a friend
Just a week or so
Could you find another
Mmm, I can't play that game

I don't know if I'm coming or going

Could he be a lover
I've traveled all this way
Could he be a friend
Well, I want more
Could you find another
There's a ship in the ocean
Another day, feel like it could float away

Feel like it float away

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