Saint Vitus - Let the End Begin Lyrics

Artist: Saint Vitus Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Die Healing
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protects you from the cold
yet the image on the outside
quickly makes you old
the final whisp, your dying breath
brings me close to you
and when I'm there to close your neck
your days on earth are through

I am the reaper
solemn and grim
I relieve pain
let the end begin

The flowers in the darkened room
feel the mourners' tears
cries of anguish in the night
add to the fear
thunder, rain and distant screams
all are here today
the living souls dress in black
and pray for your remains

I am the reaper
solemn and grim
I relieve pain
let the end begin

Eternal rest, eternal peace
the only thing you know
torment that once burned in you
is now cold as your stone
I can feel another heart
calling out to me
another life tired of pain
and screaming, put me to sleep

Please Mr. Reaper
solemn and grim
release my pain
and let the end begin

Oh, let the end begin
Please, please Mr. Reaper

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