Salad - A Size More Woman Than Her Lyrics

Artist: Salad Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Ice Cream
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But it means so little without you
Hold my hand and we'll feel better
Let's go outside as the sky goes redder
Other girls don't do it this way
And you knew it otherwise why would you have stayed
All the things that the world keeps bringing
They're very nice but they just mean nothing

Oh - I loved you so
But now I'm back on my feet
My life is really sweet
So don't come begging for more
Cos all I'll do is slam the door
No - you've sunk too low
She's got a wardrobe to please
Thinks you're the bee's knees
And she may have a pretty purr
But I'm a size more woman than her

It's a magical phase I'm going through
Never been so happy without you
Her eyes are blue but her lipstick's faded
Her teeth are nice but her skin is jaded
She's got a front but I'll tell you this much
Underneath is a token cleavage
Got to steer round her lips while kissing
And that's no joke cos her lips are missing

Oh - I wish you'd go
After all you got a girl
But now you know full well
That she can't even count to three
So who's sorry now, well not me
Oh - I wish she'd go
She's got a taster for you
Loves all that you do
But you can't rest your head in her curves
Cos I'm a size more woman than her .....

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