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Saliva One Night Only Lyrics

Artist: Saliva Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Survival of the Sickest
Length: 3:54

I always wanted to be president, I always wanted to be Superman.
I ended up a ****in' superstar.

I'm better off than either one of them.

I want to take you to a higher place.
Say all the things that you could never say.
I'll even help you try to make a change.
Before the whole world blows up in your face.

Come inside for a moment.
Come inside for a moment.

I'm the voice inside of you, that says there's nothing you can't do.
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If you could open up your eyes and lay your heart out on the line.
I'm the voice inside your head, that brings your mind back from the dead.
I hope that I have served you right, even if only for one night.

I'm not religious or fanatical, but I'm a **********in' miracle
You knock me down and I get up again.
So hit the lights out and let the show begin.
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