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Of Father You've Been My Friend
Now That I'm In Trouble
Stand By Me To The End, Ohoh
I Want You To Stand By
Stand By
All Of My Money And My Friends Are Gone
God I'm In A Mean World
And I'm So All Alone, Ohoh
I Need You Jesus
Stand By
Stand By
They Tell Me That Samson Killed In Ancient Times
I Know That You Helped Him Kill 10,000 Philistines, Oh
Whoa I Need You
Stand By
Stand By
Here's Another Thing
They Tell Me That They Put Daniel
Down In The Lion's Den
I Know You Went Down There Father
You Feed Daniel Once Again
That's Why I Said
Do Me Like You Did Daniel
And Stand By
Stand By
Sometimes I Feel Like The Weight Of The World Is On My Shoulders
And It's All In Vain
When I Begin To Feel Weak Along The Way
You Come And You Give Me Strength Again
The Hebrew Children Have Been In Fire
Ten Times Hotter That It Ought To Be
Just Like You Delivered Them Father
I Know You Can Deliver Me, Oh Lord
I'm Calling You Jesus
Stand By
Stand By
When I'm Sick Father
Stand By
When They Doctor Walk Away From My Bedside
Stand By Me Father
When It Seem Like I Don't Have A Friend
I Wonder Would You Be My Friend
Stand Closer
Stand By

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