Sam Cooke - Yeah Man Lyrics

Artist: Sam Cooke Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Shake
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Do You Like Good Music
Crazy 'bout Music
Any Old Music
Yeah, Yeah
Do You Like All The Dances
You Crazy 'bout The Dances
As Long As They Are Swinging
What, What
Let's Try Some Others Dances
I Don't Know Which One
Let's Try To Do The Monkey
All Right, Yeah
Do You Like All The Dances
I'm Crazy 'bout The Dances
Let's Try A New Dance
Let's Try The Watutsi
I Love To Do The Tutsi
Put The Twist With The Tutsi
Let's Try A New Dance
Dig What I Tell You
Got To Do What I Tell You
You're On A Football Field
You're Down In The Huddle
Run For That Touchdown
You're On A Baseball Field Now
Your Bat's In Your Hand Now
Swing For That Homerun
You're In The Middle Of An Ocean
Ship Had Gone Done Now
Swim Our Life Now
Swim, Swim, Got To Go,
I'm Going Home

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