Samiam - Hey Brother Lyrics

Writer(s) : Loobkoff, Sergie / Beebout, Jason / Brogan, James E
Artist: Samiam Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Billy
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Look at my puppy
Can you spare a quarter
Playing guitar and stinking up the corner
Patchouli oil and freshly dirty feet
Mom's station wagon is parked down the street

Hey brother hey what ever happened to twisted sister
Your jacket still smells like bleach
Used to say anarchy but now it's peace
Oh boy jerry's playing in the park
But you've got to be home before dark

Hey brother hey what ever happened to twisted sister
I can't even walk down the street
Without some hippy bugging me
Oh god I'm starving feed me please
I got sixty bucks but it's for my tickets
To the dead shows in Sacto the one's next week
What ever happened to you

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