Samiam - Simca Lyrics

Writer(s) : Brogan, James E / Loobkoff, Sergie / Beebout, Jason
Artist: Samiam Lyrics
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Little blue bomb
Is waiting for me
I sit right down and turn the key
She starts to roll
Burning down the west highway
She's goin' to where she belongs
Don't tell me she's just a car
Slip sliding along
My stomach
We make a stop at Chez Denny
I'm all filled up
Feeling sick again
Going to someplace where she belongs
Don't tell me she's just a car
Rolling down the road
The red light starts to shine
I slow it down
Can't push too hard
Because she might complain
You know where that will leave me tomorrow
Don't tell me she's just a car
There is where she'll stay

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