Santana Hard Times Lyrics

Artist: Santana
Publishers: ©Carlos Santana/Light Music/Micache Music/Stellabella Music/Champ Jacob Music/Urmila Music
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Album: Track 11 on Marathon
Length: 3:57

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Have you ever felt
That your life is a wasting
Happiness beyond your reach
Sweet love has gone astray
Suddenly it's bitter

Hard times
Hard times

When you're all alone
Nothing seems to matter
Sadness always fills the air
Hurts so deep inside
You just have to cry out
Wow, hard times
Wow, hard times
Wow, hard times
Wow, hard times

Give yourself a chance
You have something special
That nobody else can claim
Deep inside your heart
Shines a revelation
Wow, shine on
Wow, shine on
Wow, hard times
Wow, hard times
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