Santana - Who's That Lady Lyrics

Writer(s) : Isley, Rudolph / Isley, Ronald / Isley, O'Kelly
Artist: Santana Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Spirits Dancing in the Flesh
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Who's that lady (who's that lady)
Beautiful lady (who's that lady)
Lovely lady (who's that lady)
Real fine lady

Hear me calling out to you
'Cause that's all that I can do
Your eyes tell me to pursue
But you say look, yea, but don't touch baby!
No, no, no don't touch

Who's that lady (who's that lady)
Sexy lady (who's that lady)
Beautiful lady (who's that lady)
Real fine lady

I would dance upon a string
Any gifts she'd want I'd bring
I would giver her anything
If she would just do what I say

Come 'round my way baby
Shine my way

Who's that lady
Beautiful lady
Lovely lady
Real real fine lady

I would love to take her home
But her heart is made of stone
But I'll keep on keepin' on
If I don't she'll do me wrong
Do me wrong

(Look yeah, but don't touch
Just do what I say
Don't, she'll do me wrong)

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