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Fool who doesn`t understand
A fegend tells that a gipsy female
Conjured the moon until dawn
Crying she asked to marry
A gipsy man the next day
"You brown skin"
From the sky spoke the full moon
"In return i want the first child
That you have with him
Because who sacrifices children
For a man is not
Going to love them much.


Moon you want to be mother
and you can`t find a love
Who makes you a woman
Tell the,moon of silver
what you intend to do

With a child of skin

Son of the moon

From a cinnamon skinned father
A son was born white
As the back of a "armino"
With gray eyes instead of olive,
Moon`s albino son
"Damn this silhoutte!
This is a non-gipsy man`s son
And you won`t get away with this"


When the gipsy feels dishonoured
Went towards her woman
Holding a knife
"Whose is this son?
I am sure you have cheated me!"
He hurt her to dead
Then he went to the river
With the child in his arms
And left him go into a boat


And the nights the moon is full
Is because the child is happy
And if the child cries
The moon will diminish
For making a cot.

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