Sarah Harmer - Coffee Stain Lyrics

Artist: Sarah Harmer Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on You Were Here
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There's a coffee stain
around your eye
And lines that I don't recognize
Everything changed
from being okay
the night that you came home
so late

And I know by the time
on the stove
that you were no longer
mine alone
I guess we're all
just out on loan
and everybody is only
their own

oh i loved you
and i guess i still do
everything was going so good
that I thought something bad might happen
and then it did
if you know the difference
bettween bad and good
thought that I'd know
but I cross my toes
and thats how it goes

Maybe I'm a fatalist
to let it all go at this
like some balloon
I'll probably miss
lost in a treetop


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