The Hideout Lyrics

Sarah Harmer

album: No. 3 track in album You Were Here
release date: 2000-8-29
popularity : 4 users have visited this page.
length: 4:02
bass: Pete Prilesnik
drums: Al Cross
electric guitar: Gord Tough
harmonica: Sarah Harmer
acoustic guitar: Sarah Harmer
tambourine: Sarah Harmer
mix: Pete Prilesnik
producer: Pete Prilesnik, Sarah Harmer
recording: Pete Prilesnik
vocal: Sarah Harmer

Cover Art

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Look at that green
Out through the screen
After a quick rain came
So fast that
There wasn't time
To roll up the windows
And pull the clothes
Down off the line
But i dont' care, it was so dry
The grass is happy
And I think "So I am"
Cause I'm through
Thinking about you

For now i'm out at the hideout
Far enought outside of town
You come, you can stay
If there's something you need
To get away from

Look at the day dropping away
Hear the traffic on pass along
A distant side road down the way
I think that dust, has settled on me
But I don't care, it was so calm
I knew I wouldn't stay forever
I knew I'd get some things together
And move on

I just thought of you
And what you said
Laid out on the pullout
Did you forget?
You said you wouldn't forget

Track Listing

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