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Album: Track 6 on Trilenium
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What if the world was out of trouble?
What if the world was out of pain?
Would it be a world that's worth living in?
Without anything, that's worth a sin.

What if the world was out of hope,
To find a place, where you belong,
You said to yourself, you'll never make it that far,
That the mountain's too high, the answer is just around the hill.

Just around the hill,
Just around the hill,
Take a look on the other side,
Suddenly you'll see, there are many ways, to go to strain,
Just walk around, walk around the hill.

What if the world was out of love?
And all that we do, don't mean a thing,
Just take the chance, no offering, no suffering, for anything.

You're asking yourself, do you really want it that way?
That the mountain's too high.
The answer is just around the hill.

Chorus (2 times)

Hmm¡­walk around that hill

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