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It's a beautiful day
It's a beautiful morning
I'm coming home
It's a beautiful day
Memories are calling
Coming I'm coming home

After the fall
There comes a time to rest your senses
Home And after all
I decided that I won't be on my own
So I'm driving
And the streets
Are as white as they can be
There's a light in everything I see
I'm coming home

I walk alone
And the perfect smell seems so familiar
Like I've never been gone
And I feel the warm embrace of everyone
I was missing
Now I'm here
And I'm listening to the voice
That is meeting me the last steps down the road
I'm coming home

It's a beautiful day
It's a day to remember
I'm coming home
It''s a beautiful day
And I finally end up
Coming I'm coming home

Refrain 2x

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