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When you're feelin' times of trouble
When you're feelin' insecure
When you're lost inside and have nowhere to turn
When you look into the future
And your writings on the wall
It's the fear of falling staring at us all

And if your world has not turned out to be
What you planned then come with me

We can leave the world behind
You never know what we can find
Together we can take the time and make it right
We can leave the world behind
Whatever you got on your mind,
Together we can take the time
And make it right

No matter what you're feelin'
No matter what you need
If you believe in love then you' ll succeed
We all have our illusions
We all have our own dreams
But there're times when life's just not what it might seem

And if your world has not worked out today
Then look inside yourself and find
If all your thoughts collide don't run away
Just come and leave the world behind

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