Saviour Machine - Antichrist I Lyrics

Artist: Saviour Machine Lyrics
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Album: Track 17 on Legend, Part I
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My name
My face
My eyes
My rage
My flesh
My blood
My father
My God
My horror.
My mouth
My words
My image
My world
My throne
My reign
My empire
My pain
My terror.
My Kingdom come, my will be done,
My power will call, my mark for all,
My forces will command, my law, my hand,
My legend, my thorns, my legacy, my horns.
My wound
My head
My sword
My death
My body
My misery
My rapture
My mystery
My children
My sacrifice
My temple
My soul device
My hatred
My sins
My life blood begins...
Behold, God's grace is gone, his face
Is all that I desire to see.
Behold, the deceiver must come unto be.
Behold, I will drive the nails deeper into thee.
Until your rotting carcass covers me in blood.

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