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Artist: Saviour Machine Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Saviour Machine II
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Through the beautiful gates of symbolic conviction
That challenged the reign.
Stay with me, don't be afraid to believe
In man's infinite search for the truth in his world
And hit right to portray the romantic face of legend
And life.

Take my hand. I have walked this way before
The essence of man is at war with the spirit
Yet knocking at its door.
Don't let go in this imminent confusion
For tyranny's son will be threatened by one
Who would challenge their delusion.
Look inward, at the secret world within
To bring the arrival of freedom and knowledge
The mind denies to give.
Death and honor are thought to be the same;
The rebellious nature of man and society
Silent running in his game.
No one will confess to this irreverent heresy,
As the witness is falling, someone is
Calling me closer to the dream.

Sent to live and sent to testify.
It is not found in life by adapting for form,
But by adapting within us.
Sent give, empowered to impart the imperishable
Unto all it's sincere aspirants of truth.

The time will come and so the band played on
To offer a prayer for the rising aware that will
Soon touch the robe and gaze
At the stare of this Saviour Machine.

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