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Artist: Saviour Machine Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on Saviour Machine II
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Alive to see legions of angels awaiting the sacred

Take me home to clean the bloody robe of
The covenant sealed between heaven and earth,
I will come forth ascended in salvation

The book of life will free this rising son,
resurrected in time now the dream has arrived,
And this soul is alive, two worlds are baptized.

Underneath these everlasting arms
The awaited messiah has risen to life by
The sword of the spirit in his eye.

Can't you see, their hearts crying with needs?
Release me to offer them freedom and peace
So profound in its nature above.

Go and make disciples of all,
One in the name of the Father, and of the Son.
And of the Holy Spirit of Love.

The time has come, and so the band played on,
Releasing his power and shouting in tears,
"It is finished; do you see
The Light of Saviour inside this Machine?"

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