Saviour Machine - The Martyrs Cry Lyrics

Artist: Saviour Machine Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Legend, Part II
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Save us, Jesus, we seek asylum in your eyes ...
As they feast on our blood
Vengeance come, open the heavens above ...

Under the altar the souls of the martyrs;
Slain for the word of God ...

Lord, how long?
Lord, when will it end?
When shall thee avenge our deaths?

Jesus, help us, save us, seal us,
Speak to us ... Jesus, Lord, vindicate our blood ...

"Run to me, my child of light
In this your darkest hour ...
For I am here with you,
I have cried the tears with you,
My eyes bleed time and truth
Unto the vine of the earth ..."

"He who endures until the end shall be with me ...
In the arms of the Son,
In the grace of His love,
In the promise I come ..."

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