Saviour Machine - The Sixth Seal Lyrics

Artist: Saviour Machine Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Legend, Part II
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Behold the earth shakes, the earth shakes,
The sun became black as the night,
The moon became blood of the dead,
And the starts in the sky fell to the earth.
The atmosphere is burning,
And every mountain turning from its place ...

Apocalypse, apocalypse, behold apocalypse,
Behold the fate ...

And when the lamb opened the sixth seal ... the face;
Behold the kinds of the earth, the free and the slave,
They run for asylum in caves, calling:
"Fall on us, hide us from the face
Of He who is seated on the throne, and his Son ..."
The day of their wrath has begun,
And who can stand before it?

Behold ... The face of God is shown ...
The face of God is shown ...

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