Saviour Machine - The Wicked Window Lyrics

Artist: Saviour Machine Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Saviour Machine I
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Look and see
Nothing and no one is safe
The ministry enslaves
Stay asleep
Keep unto your dream
Keep unto your dream
Lie down and bow to the lies
The Wicked Window's eyes

The Wicked Window's eyes - They penetrate illusion
The Wicked Window's eyes - They fortify the lies
The Wicked Window's eyes - They hypnotize the others
The Wicked Window's eyes - Then horrifies my eyes

Peepshow, creepshow
Peepshow, freakshow

Open the vault to the voices within
Cry from the depth of the grave
Shadows may follow the essence of men
Tried for the death of the slave
suddenly someone is there at the door
Waiting to show you the way

Fortress of eminence waits in the wings
Watching me wear down them all
Central intelligence agency freaks
Listen to every call

Call me, Call me, Call me the one
See me, See me, I'll never run
Watch me, Watch me Watch me perceive
Make me, Make, Make me believe

Watch me tear down your wall
Tear down you wall
Tear down you wall
Tear down you wall

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