Schoolly D - Here We Go Again Lyrics

Artist: Schoolly D Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Smoke Some Kill
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Turn up the bass to make a funky sound
Like a nuclear bomb hitting the ground
Grab a fat chain, put around my neck
Hell of a man and I'm gettin respect
When I step on stage make the girls say 'Oww'
Turn up my microphone and I'm showin you how
All the money makers in the place I'll make 'em say 'Ho'

(Here we go again) A here we go, here we go again
Here-here, here we go again
Here we go again
Here we go again

I'm not a shoe shine ******, I'm proud to be black
Proud to be on this microphone hittin' this rap
Proud to be chillin' hard with my boys on the ave
Proud to do what I do and to have what I have
Proud to be Schoolly-School and you all know my name
Proud to make lots of money but I'm not insane
Cause people don't dig it when you start actin' fame
Not a toy, not a boy, and ain't playin' no games

So here we go, here we go again
So here we go, so here we go again
Here we go, so here we go again
So here we go, here we go again

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