Schoolly D - I Wanna Get Dusted Lyrics

Artist: Schoolly D Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Welcome to America
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I wanna get dusted, I gotta get dusted baby
I wanna get dusted, I gotta get dusted baby

Drivin' in my car, down the avenue
Chewin on a J, what the **** can ya do?
Dip around the corner in my *****'s Mercedes
First thing I see is a fly young lady
Jump out my ride and proceed to kick game
First thing I kick is my **********in' name
Schooly D ***** you know that I'ma winner
I getcha high and take ya *** out to dinner
Talk about the cheeba and we talk about the black
It's 93 and the ***** smoked crack
Took her to the crib, first thing that I did
Kicked her *** and I ****ed her on the bed
I pulled the gat and popped two in the dome
Yo my *****, 'cause it's on
Seen mo' blood than a nightmare thriller
Schooly D, I'ma crack ***** killa

Sittin in the crib, mindin my own
I get a call from my ***** named Bone
Told me that some *****s was trippin'
I grab my gat and put the **********in' clip in
Grab my cheeba, jump into my ride
Had'ta cruise to the south side
Lookin' on the corner who should I see?
A ************ lookin' just like me
I grab my gat, start poppin
Punk ************s start droppin'
Seen more blood than a Friday night thrilla
Schooly D, the crack ***** killa

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