Schoolly D Smoke Some Kill Lyrics

Artist: Schoolly D
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
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Length: 3:30

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Cheeba, cheeba on my brain
Went downtown jump the trai
Twelve o'clock in New York
No cab I had to walk
Downtown Latin quarters
Got inside drunk some water
Stepped on stage started to talk
Said yo yo what up new york
Danced all around act so silly
Homey in the crowd said must be from Philly!
Code was cuttin' I was grabbin my ****
Thought to my self I'm tired as ****
Jump off stage ran outside
Grab code money jump a ride
Turn left no homey turn right
Straight back to the after midnight
Got into the place people was cheerin'
Girls threw panties that they was wearin'
Fella's in the back they was learin'
My fat gold chain they was starin'
I wasn't carin you ******s
I ain't fearin'
Calm down cool and chill
Crack another forty smoke some kill
Woke up early Sunday morn
Jump out tha bed fila's on
Thought about the hangover
Kiss the dog called my mom rover
Went into the kitchen Captain Crunch
Turn on the tube the Brady Bunch
Instead of a house they lived in a palace
Jan was ****in' Mike Mike was ****in Alice
My little eyes opened up wide
The thing in my pants started to rise
Sat down on the couch to cool and chill
Crack me a forty roll some kill
I was smokin' I was tokin'
My mom said boy you must be jokin'
Threw me outside it was rainin' I was soakin'
That weed so damn provokin'
Yeah! So I crack another forty
Smoke some kill thought to my self my mom got I'll


Wait to she get my bill
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