Stop Frontin Lyrics

Schoolly D

publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
album: Track 11 in album Welcome to America
release date: 1994
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genres: Hip Hop
styles: Gangsta
length: 4:22

Cover Art

Schoolly D Welcome to America cover art
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Yeah, lemme tell ya little tale bout my neighbor
Young ************, he wanna pull a caper
Call his homies on the telephone
Getcha ****, load the ****er, cause you know it's on
I'm gettin high off the indo
Meet me at nine in back of the Sunoco
I gotta pull a car, he jackin
And don't give a **** if that ***** white or black and
Ain't no use in ya *****in
*****z don't care if they putcha in a ditch and
**** it cause he shot ya
All he know is that a young ***** got cha
Because you shoulda came gatted
You didn't know that the young ***** had it
I guess you had to learn ya lesson
Young *****z will always keep ya guessin

"Oh, yo g there that ***** go"
"Where where?" "yo get the ****in car"
"I got this **** come on"
"***** get out the ****in car"

"**** me? naw **** you *****"

"Uh, uh, somebody help me, uh, somebody help me please"

How could she know she was a goner
The young thang, she lived around the corner
But the *****z didn't give a ****
All they knew is tonight they gotta make a buck
'Cause you go to rob a k-mart
Young *****z, they like to play the rough part
And you know they never stop it
Young *****z who love to stay clockin
Even though they have no future
Didn't give a **** if a ***** had ta shoot cha
And it was anticipated
Inside where the 5 all had waited
As he walked into the front door
All ya heard was ***** hit the floor
So that ***** started cappin
Droppin ************s like a droppin in his yappin
I guess he had to learn his lesson
Young ************s, you can't keep guessin

"Freeze ******, put your gun on the ground"
"Hey man, put yourself the **** up!"

"Light this ***** up"
"Bust that motha****a!"
"Give it up, give it up!"
"Watch ya back, watcha ya back!"
"Awww ****! I'm hit!"
"Man **** this, I'm audi"
"Yo, yo, come her man, **** it man
You ***** *** *****, yo! I'm hit, man **** that
*****, ************ left, ************"

Yo, stop frontin and use ya head
Yo, stop frontin and use ya head
Yo, stop frontin and use ya head
Yo, stop frontin and use ya head

Track Listing

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  • 2 I Wanna Get Dusted
  • 3 I Know You Want to Kill Me
  • 4 Welcome to America
  • 5 Niggas Like Me
  • 6 Gangsta Trippin
  • 7 Gimmie Your Shit Nigga
  • 8 No Good Nigga
  • 9 I Shot da Bitch
  • 10 Motherfuckin D
  • 11 Stop Frontin
  • 12 Peace of What
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