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Lyrics: Klaus Meine
Music: Rudolf Schenker

Another rainy morning
pleople rushing by
my head is still in the clouds
I dream with open eyes
suddenly out of nowhere
she came into my life
like we know each other
for a quite a while

Are you the one that God had made for me
are you the one who's alway's in my dreams
the one who keeps me goin'
when I can't go on
the one that I've been waiting for
for so long

In the sound of silence
the time is standing still
there's some kind of bond between us
that's givin' me the chill
do you really wonder
that we can burn the sky
it's written a thousand years ago
int the book of life

Are you the one that God had made for me
are you the one who's mine eternally
the one who keeps me dreamin'
when I'm sad and tired
who giver my life a meaning
till the day I'll die

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