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Album: Track 1 on Subliminal Plastic Motives
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stand awake and unglued
we've got critical plans
what an incredible view
why don't you soak it all in?
i've been given the option to live into the new year
i've been stuck between a rock and a vinyl interior
and i've got just enough to share
i've got enough to pass it along
and i'm just so damn glad i'm here
isn't everyone?
borateen, tell me what's it all mean
it's bad enough that i'm having to figure it out
borateen, i'm the king of my castle
when i drown it down
you spin me around
not a boy
not a man
innocence dissolved in your hands
it's a crutch
it's a crush
it's a sudden rush and it's unplanned
it's a ball
it's a chain
it's a crying shame that it's a gas
understand it's only urge anyone has
not just anyone
bold as i've become
bite your lazy tongue
it's a sin to me
all your flattery is just sympathy
it's just sympathy

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