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Artist: Self Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Subliminal Plastic Motives
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Cannon - Are you unnecessary noise?
Cannon - Firing on all of your toys
Cannon - Thinks we're the same but we are
Cannon - Destiny's towing your car
When fire
Meets powder
You take your cover
I fly over and
When fire
Drowns water
It spreads it farther out of my hands
Asking advice from all the clowns
Cannon - Take your frustrations to the ground
Cannon - They wait in the wings for you to fall
Cannon - Can't you make dust of them all?
When fire
Meets powder
You run for cover
I fly under and
When fire
Drowns water
Don't even bother
Out of my hands
In some untimely way
The world asks us to leave
Suddenly we're afraid
No longer can we stay
The thread of life was strung
To each and everyone
I knew it all along
Your call to arms was wrong
Cannon - Are you just unwated noise?
Loose cannon - Remember all those you destroy
When fire
Meets powder
The strongest cower
Half heart
When fire
Drowns water
It spreads it farther out of my hands

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