Septic Flesh - (Morpheus) The Dreamlord Lyrics

Artist: Septic Flesh Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Mystic Places of Dawn
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(Music : Sotiris/Spiros/Chris, Lyrics : Sotiris)
I was sailling in the sea of lethargy
upon an empty dream
when land appeared
and filled the endless horizon.
White pilars from marble
deep into a garden
were shining like guiding stars.
The Dreamlord
A frozen voice from inside
poured out in my dreamworld
the voice of Morpheus :
"Taste the fruit of knowledge
drink the juice of wisdom
and you'll see what eyes can't see"
The Dreamlord
"You have reached UTOPIA"
Solo : Chris
In the garden of illusions
encircled from the pillars
I found my idol
but clouds filled the purple sky
and shed their crystal tears
and the idol became muddy.
The Dreamlord
"The right explanation of symbols
depends on you.
The sun will send me away"
Solo : Sotiris
In the
place where the idol was,
appeared a white flower.

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