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Come all young fellows that carry a gun, Beware of late shooting when the daylight is done. It is my reckoning that many hazards they may run. I shot my true love at the setting of the sun. In a shower of rain my darling did lie, All under the bushes to keep herself dry. Her head in her apron I thought her as a swan. I shot my true love at the setting of the sun. I'll fly from my country, I nowhere find my rest, Because I've shot my own true love, like a bird upon her nest. Like lead in my heart lies the deed that I have done. I shot my true love at the setting of the sun. In the night my fair maid as a white swan appears. She she says "Oh my true love quickly dry up those tears, "I freely forgive you for this paradise that I've won, "I was shot by my true love at the rising of the sun". The years they pass leave me lonely and sad. I can never love again `cause none make me glad. I'll wait and expect you until my work down here is done, Then I'll meet my true love at the setting of t
he sun

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