Seven Day Jesus Down With the Ship Lyrics

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Album: Track 1 on Seven Day Jesus
Length: 3:01

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I look at the TV
Everybody's going crazy right in front of me
From the talk show to the cop show to the news
Now I choose my poison with my own remote control
There's no control
Everyone I see is sinking
Getting deeper in the water
They don't know
The ship's about to go
But I don't want to go
Now I see
This world was never meant to be
My true affection
So as it sinks
I never fear
For You are still
You're my protection
I'm never gonna go
Down with the ship
I say you and me could
Find a better way
To get to the shore
I don't care what anyone might say
I don't wanna go
Sometimes up and I'm
Sometimes down
But I've got a lifesaver and
I'm never gonna drown
So as it sinks
I never fear for You are still
You're my protection