Sevendust - Broken Down Lyrics

Writer(s) : Rose, Morgan / Lowery, Clint / Connolly, John / Walker, Butch / Witherspoon, La Jon / Hornsby, Vince
Artist: Sevendust Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Seasons
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It takes time, to heal the wound I've
Made along the way
If I'm blind, open my eyes, 'cause
I need to see again

If I can feel again
Will you tell me now or wait till I'm broken
Down again
Save me now, I'm broken

If I bleed, my lies won't fill the
Emptiness inside
I just need, for something real to
Open up my mind

[Chorus: x2]

Breaking down, I'm breaking down
It takes time


It takes time
Breaking down I'm breaking down
If I can feel again

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