Sevendust Enough Lyrics

Artist: Sevendust
Publishers: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
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Length: 4:34

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I don't wanna leave a blood stain,
I just need to try and understand.
It's always good when it's in my hands,
But it seems to hurt when someone
Tries to be alone.
I know whats wrong, I need control,
Scared to be alone.

'Cause I can be your friend,
Unless you try to be who I am.
And I will let you stand,
If you let me take control.
'Cause too much is never enough.

Never mind you got your last chance,
I can see the writing on the wall.
If you follow in my foot steps,
I can't promise anything
But you wont be alone.
I know it's wrong, I need control,
I'm scared to be alone.
(I'm scared to be alone)


(Too much is never enough!)

(Hang onto every word that I say)

Even if you hold on,
It's not enough.
But when I take control,
It's never (enough!)
Too much is never (enough!)


(Too much is never enough!)