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Artist: Sevendust Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Chapter VII: Hope & Sorrow
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Passing through this life with so much regret
It feels like I haven't got over it yet
It takes so long for these wounds to heal
I'm knockin' down walls, takin' my time
I gotta get outta here

Where will I go?
Who will I become?
I'm coming on like an elephant gun

Reaching for the piece of life that I can't find
The sun keeps fading away
Searching for the feeling that will never come
The return of the prodigal son

[Solo 1]

Last night the moon seemed to look so empty
I fell into a pit of despair (goin' nowhere)
I never thought that these wounds would - HEAL!
I fell to my knees, the rain came down
I thought I could touch the sky

What have I done, why was I so wrong?
Hear the pop of my elephant gun!


[Solo 2]


The Prodigal Son
His time has just begun
I finally found a feeling
The return of the Prodigal Son

Let's go ahead and give ?em their money's worth

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