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I'm the only one
That sings the same old song.
I know my destiny was made long ago,
I've yet to make a change.
Its time to rearrange.

I understand, it seems
I'm the last to notice,
How anybody feels.
Is it really 'cause I feel
I'm the one thats owed it.
Am I wrong? Am I wrong?

You look at me the same,
Still I feel the blame.
I was shifting my self,
Removing all the punishment
For never being wrong.
I feel life is too long.


All my pride leaves me vacant
For the sorrow I'm to blame.
But I know if I could just let go,
I could find a better way.
Only, Am I the only one?
Who thinks and breathes,
What no-one sees.
I'm the only one.


Give me just a chance,
I notice what I've done...
What I've done.

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