Shades Apart - Beat by Beat Lyrics

Artist: Shades Apart Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Sonic Boom
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riding a wave of summer air
the girl with the technicolor hair
pure overkill
zero to sixty standing still

nothing can ever slow her down
breaking the speed of sound
she doesn? care
as long as the music? everywhere - she says

break it down ?beat by beat ?right or wrong
i? breaking out ?beat by beat

together we?e off on the run
racing the hottest august sun
crank the radio
this is the only way to go

i have seen hell and hurricanes
some things are never gonna change
turn it up to ten
i need to hear that song again - she says

break it down ?beat by beat ?right or wrong
i? breaking out beat by beat

break it down ?beat by beat ?my favorite song
i? breaking out ?beat by beat

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