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Album: Track 10 on Shades Apart
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Reaching through the pain the real world sent your way
Problems you can't understand but still you have to fight
It makes me proud inside to see you try so hard
It hurts to watch your struggle
I can't tell you I know I'm right

No, I won't cry for you
What you need is a place to turn
And I hope that you will fall on me
'Cause I won't fall

Some people don't catch on they'd rather just pretend
While things are going smooth they smile and call you friend
Funny how you never know who cares until it hurts
And when it's over does it matter who blew who off first

No, I won't cry for you
You need someone to turn to
And I hope that you will fall on me
'Cause I won't fall

Remember when you lost your head
Your mind screams for what you should have said
Face the world with a painful smile
Holding back the guilt inside
You never thought you'd do such harm
You'll never forget or hide these scars
Hurting inside's no way to grow
So just let go
Cause it's gone with yesterday

I know the things you're going through are hard to take
Trying to be what you never wanted find a real way to be brave
I've learned to understand you'll get by on your own
You've got yourself to count on now but realize your not alone

No I won't cry for you
Don't need weak sympathy
What you need you will find
Just open your fist and reach to me

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