Shakira Se Quiere, Se Mata (It's Wanted, It's Killed) Lyrics

Artist: Shakira
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Braulio has large eyes and dark hair,
he never overeats and has never selpt nude
he always dresses in grey, no remedy for it.
The tendecy of looking for oneself is always at an intermediate point.
Dana is a good girl, that's what her parents say
She never arrives at home before ten...nor too late,
Braulioand Dana care for each other...liek any normal couple..
But they hurried nature's course.
And from their own instincts...
they didn't escape with luck...
..with the fire within
and hormones present...
By the law of megnetism
they joined bodies.
But if around tea time nothing happens,
oh oh oh
You'll only go far from home
oh oh oh
For having brought another inhabitant
to join this rotted city
where something isn't wanted, it's's killed

That day you arrived a bit later than ten
But the scare didn't coem 'til a few days later
when those terrible suspicions were confirmed
a child would be born and you already knew the date
And before the neighbor or the parents were to find out....
You went to the doctor to do away with the problem.
Today your neighbor is at home taking a shower
And you...two meters undeground watching worms grow
(Repeat Chorus)

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