Shampoo - Dirty Old Love Song Lyrics

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Album: Track 4 on We Are Shampoo
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Hey Baby Let's Get It On....

You See Them On The TV
You Always Seem To
Hear Them On The Radio!
They're Big And They're Bland
And They Spent Four
Hundred Grand On Their Video....

Bridge #1
They're Tacky And Cheap
Sickly And Sweet...
Now That The Cliche's Complete..

It's A Dirty Old Love Song!
A Dirty Old Back Seat Affair
That Went Wrong!
A Dirty Old Love Song
{Dirty Old Love Song!}
They're Saying
Hey Baby Let's Get It On...
Lets Get It On!

Dirty Old Whitney's On The Floor
She 'Aint The Only One
And Dirty Old Mariah Say's
Her Heart's On Fire!
What A Phoney One!

Bridge #2
They're Tacky And Cheap
Sickly And Sweet...
Don't Forget To Keep Your Receipt!

Chorus x1

Get It On!
Hey Baby Let's Get It On..!

Repeat First Verse

A Dirty Old Love Song..
Hey Baby Let's Get It On!

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