Shampoo - Skinny White Thing Lyrics

Artist: Shampoo Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on We Are Shampoo
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Skinny white
Skinny white thing!

Skinny white thing you're the king
You're the queen of them all!
You've got style
You've got looks
But your brain's off the hook
Hanging in the hall!
In the car, in the bar
Or out on the street
There's always a crowd that falls at your feet!
Like the girls you mate!
Ain't it great, to be fake?

Skinny white thing,
Livin' in you're own wet dream!
Strut like a king and you pout like a queen!
Skinny white thing!

You might be fine, unique
Attention so you seek!
And if a mirror could walk
It would jump up and kiss you on the cheek
And you love the haze of clubs and places
With drippy girls and smiling faces!
What did you take? Ain't it great, to be fake?


Oh no

Phony and fake:
Like the drugs that you take!
Phony and fake:
Like the people you rate!
Phony and fake:
Like you're father's estate!
Phony and fake:
Like the girls that you mate!


Skinny, skinny, skinny white thing

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