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Artist: Shea Seger Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on The May Street Project
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I dont know all that resonates in my mind from time to time when I think about these times back in May Street
I remember throwing up against the wall
I remember the glass
I remember crawling past my glass stained glass
What was it about that glass
That glass was the glass in May Street
Stained glass at May Street


Oh, and the vets and the vets in the vietnam war,
Vets started coming around saying hi,
Getting high in May Street
They'd talk about the wars and talk about the women in May Street
And crazy conversations ruled down in May Street
Insane characters proved their theorems at May Street
Oh and their crazy curriculums to life
I heard it all in May Street
Remember it well in May
I remember the times were good and times that felt like hell
I'm sure you'd agree on May Street
Going back to May Street
It felt like hell
I'm sure you'd agree on May Street

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