Shea Seger - Wasting the Rain Lyrics

Artist: Shea Seger Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on The May Street Project
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we're wasting the rain
let me stay inside and let the world go on it's way
give me one kiss for every moment that remains
well, c'mon baby
we're wasting the rain

c'mon baby
and let me see you smile
cause it's the place on you i love most
but it's been a while
those all important things to do outside can wait
c'mon babe
we're wasting the rain

these days were made for making love
a million tears from above us
love is like a river
take some time to keep it flowing

c'mon baby
and unloack the door (door)
love can take you places that you've never been before
somehow the showers only seem to fuel the flame
so c'mon baby
here they come again

c'mon baby
we're wasting the rain

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