Shellac Dog and Pony Show Lyrics

Artist: Shellac
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If I could walk, I'd be a miner.
If I could talk, I'd be a preacher.

If I was a preacher,
Tell you what: I'd save a million souls - even you.
If I was a miner,
Tell you what: I'd be a damn good one.

This ain't (???????)
(???????) a joke...
Got us all worked up...
and left us naked out here in the sun.

But who could say it's sad?
I attach no importance to it,
just because of my hand,
just because of my shriveled little hand...
I could be a baseball player.

Doesn't surprise me now,
even though we had a map,
took three days to find...
Taylor from Pizmo...

At the dog and pony show. *Brandon Matuja