Sheryl Crow - It's So Easy Lyrics

Writer(s) : CROW/CROW
Artist: Sheryl Crow Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on C'mon, C'mon
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All I want to know
Is when you go
Do you think of me
'Cause I could let you go

But there'd be a hole
Where my heart used to be o

It's so easy holding you near
I could melt in your arms and disappear
Loving you baby is breaking my heart tonight
It's so easy but it isn't right o I saw you today

You walked away
And I couldn't breathe
'Cause I know how it will feel
It's a love so real
When you're touching me


Every night I lay here alone
After you leave me and go home
She doesn¹t know that we can¹t let go
And it¹s hurting me so


Baby it's so easy.

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