Shiny Toy Guns - Blown Away Lyrics

Writer(s) : CHAD PETREE
Artist: Shiny Toy Guns Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Season of Poison
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I haven't seen days
Just solid water
Down my face

I've missed so many days
In a world that has become an unfamiliar place
Now to you, I'm just an unfamiliar face

I'm losing myself again
You swore you'd be around this time

When revelation calls
And everything is blown away
When revelation calls
And everything is blown away
Blown Away

Will you still be there
With your heart boarded up
Nailed with my mistakes

Should I start giving up
Or am I too late

I'm losing myself again
Turning us into friends this time


Sheltered days, everybody wants more
And take it away, everybody wants yours
These sheltered days, everybody wants more
We never change


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