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Artist: Shirley Murdock Lyrics
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[Voices:] Tonight [x6]
[Verse 1:]
Now, this little girl was born to dance my good side, my bad side was worrying me You see the man I love ain't nowhere to be found I'm staring at the phone but it won't make a sound these four walls are getting me down I gotta get on a merry-go-round
What you gonna do, I made up my mind
Tonight I'll be free I'm gonna dance like I belong to me Tonight I'm gonna dance, dance, dance, dance, dance Tonight I'm gonna dance like I belong to me
[Verse 2:
I'm tryna keep it together it's bout to get me down Oh, What you want from a lady I don't understand you're always peeking at the ladies with the short dresses on you only want me in mine when we're alone I'm going out tonight I'm in a real good mood i need a change of space and a fresh attitude I'm tired now I can't take it nomore
What you gonna do, what you gonna do I made up my mind
[Voices:] Tonight
[Background:] I'm gonna be free, I'm gonna be free...

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